Small Groups

Posted on January 10, 2018.

Fairland is starting a new Intentional Small Groups Ministry! Twice a year we will offer several classes that will run for about six weeks on various topics. Small Groups are a tried and true way to build relationships and help you grow in your faith.  They offer a higher level of interaction than you typically  get on a Sunday morning.  Please check out the classes offered here and place this flyer in the offering plate or the back table this week or next week.  Please sign up based on your interest and the Facilitator will contact you with the details of meeting times and place.  We should be starting in about a month.

#1)  Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage by Mark Gungor

Facilitator: Cari Daub    

This will be a fun class!  The material points out differences in thinking between men and women in a way that is dead on true and uproariously funny at the same time.  Mark Gungor points out that there are “Physics of Relationships” that determine how we get along. You can preview the material by searching the title on You Tube.

#2)  Guardrails by Andy Stanley

Facilitators:  Cindy and Perry Smith

Guardrails are devices intended to protect us from a dangerous situation on the other side.  Most of us could have avoided many of the mistakes in our lives by having guardrails in our lives to keep us out of the danger zone.  Andy Stanley does a great job of expanding on the simple concept found in Ephesians 5:16.  You can preview the material by searching  “Guardrails Andy Stanley” on You Tube.

#3) Unmasking  the  Accuser by Kynan Bridges

Facilitator:  Dave Eshleman

The spirits of slander, gossip, and offense began their work in the garden of Eden, and they have been raging ever since.  They ruin families, destroy churches, and discredit those in spiritual leadership.  This class will rip the mask off Satan and reveal his lies in your life so that you can hear God’s voice more clearly.  You can view an extended interview with the author about the book by searching “Bridges with Dr Kynan Bridges” on You Tube.

#4)  Why Men Hate Going To Church by David Murrow

Facilitator:  Dave Brandt

This will be a class for men only.  We are hoping to reach out to some un-churched men and want them to feel at ease.  David Murrow uses humor to identify various ways that modern Christianity is more geared toward women than to men.  This class will be an eye-opener to men who have a lukewarm attitude toward church!  David Murrow really shakes things up!  If you search “Why Men Hate Going to Church by David Murrow” on You Tube you will be able to view a wide selection of material to help you determine if this class is for you.   

#5) Prayer Meeting

Facilitators: Dawn and Denny Gearhart

This will be a time of prayer and sharing led by the Holy Spirit with a loose structure.  Bring your intercessory concerns for loved ones and personal issues.  Share how God has answered prayer and shown himself in your life.  Pray against the evil in the world and ask for God’s hand to move on world situations.  There will not be any pressure to participate, but plenty of opportunity.  Come and join with others as you boldly approach the Throne of Grace!