What You Believe, Lessons in Apologetics

Posted on June 27, 2018.

A new class will be starting July 1st in the new classroom, A-1.  The class will be titled: “What You Believe, Lessons in Apologetics”.  This general theme will continue for at least the next year while we work thru a series of specific topics regarding the authority and reliability of the Bible.  This quarter we will be looking at a full length feature film and related Bible Study called “Is Genesis History?” The presenter, Dr Del Tackett, travels around the world to talk to the premier experts in their fields to discover whether science supports a literal, historical view of Creation, Adam and Eve, and the Flood of Genesis.  By the end of this study you will better understand how the events of Genesis relate to your Salvation. For more information please go to isgenesishistory.com.  Stay tuned for future units in this general series of Apologetics to be announced!  Please join us as we strengthen the foundations of our faith!  KNOW WHAT YOU BELIEVE!